UKAI TEI Kaohsiung

The first overseas branch of the world-famous UKAI restaurant group is right here in Yui-mom group’s Silks Club.
The Ukai-Tei restaurant group is renowned for their service that is charmingly discreet and sincerely efficient, and the belief in that good food can truly feed the soul.

In Jade Lounge

In the morning, flooded with natural light, Exquisite Hour is where you are greeted with a lavish breakfast.
In Jade Lounge can be transformed into a perfect business conference venue; personalized service is available on request.

Dassai Bar

A prominent name in the world of sake, Dassai is famed for its ‘23% ground alcohol’,
which is produced by polishing the finest brewing rice – Yamada Nishiki - to an ex-quisite 23% ratio.
It is lithe in texture with aromas and flavors that bloom exquisitely in the mouth.
Enjoy a sip of the premium sake right here on the third floor of Silks Club.


168 hours in a week of seven days

Emerging Artist Programme

All artworks in guest rooms are bespoke pieces, completing your home from home in Kaohsiung.

ALIEN Art Centre

Explore Art

The hotel’s visual art is curated by ALIEN Art, opening an infinite imaginative realm within the building’s physical space.

Stay and get extra discount at Ukai.

Until 6/30, in-room guests can enjoy 10% off at Ukai from Sunday to Friday.
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